How To Travel With Friends

Traveling with someone reveals the real personality of each other while on the road even if it is your best friend or best friends. I bet that you still don’t know many of the likes and dislikes of your friends. That’s the best thing when you travel together, you would make a stronger bond because of the things you open up with each other. You let them know what person you really are. But that is the case only if you get along. If not? You’re planned travel will really be a disaster. We made this article for you to know what the necessary preparations are before you travel with your friends so that it will be a great experience to all. Please continue reading below.

  1. Pick the right friends.

Maybe it’s true that “the more, the merrier” but it’s certainly untrue when going on a trip. Just choose which friends you are most comfortable with. These are the friends that will take a cookie from you but you won’t be mad. The friends whom you can draw cartoon characters on their face while they are asleep. Because having this kind of awesome friends on your trip will be great. You will be assured that it will be an awesome experience even having some unexpected events with your journey.

  1. Discuss expectations.

Discuss what each of you is expecting to happen during your trip. Discuss all the things what each of you would like to do on this time. List all these activities in a paper. After you are all done, discuss which the same activities you all prefer to do. Do this or that. Traveling with friends means doing all the things that you all like.

  1. Consider the budget of each.

Traveling with friends doesn’t mean your budget will be the same because you all have different source of incomes and also have different day-to-day expenses. So before you take your journey together, discuss the budget of each one of you. Your budget and the expenses during the travel period should correlate to avoid shortage that will affect all of you.

  1. Divide and conquer.

Even if you are traveling together, each one of you have another place where he/she wants to visit. It’s just normal. Each of you can go to different destinations but you should all agree to the duration and have a meeting place after that. The purpose of your travel is to be happy and if you all like to have a time on your own, then do it. It’s also a great way to cover more grounds especially when the days of travel are not that flexible.

  1. Have a trip leader.

Nominate a trusted team leader that will facilitate and possibly be a referee if there is a fight or misunderstanding between some of you. This can make your travel be in rhythm because you will have someone that you all respect with.

Why You Should Travel With Your Friends

Though traveling alone can be fun and exciting, still we cannot compare the fun we will have when we will travel with our friends. Maybe this is because some of us already considered our friends as a family. The closeness we have with them is incomparable and makes our travel more interesting. Not just that because there are a lot of other reasons why we should have a trip together with our friends. If you want to know more reasons why, just continue reading below.

  • Save on expenses.

This is the most common reason why many travelers prefer group trip than doing it solo. One good example is the cab fair or other public vehicles that is paid per meter or perhaps requires to be rented. When you are traveling solo, you will be paying the whole amount just by yourself unlike if you will be traveling with your friends that you will be dividing the fees equally. All necessary travel fees will become cheaper if you have friends thus letting you save money for other expenses.

  • No solo moments

In spite of the fact that traveling is really fun, there are also boring ones that any travelers will face like waiting for the cab or plane, falling in line, sitting on the plane and etc. These moments are really boring that sometimes you will just fall asleep. But having friends that will accompany you will eliminate these moments because you can do some simple recreational activities that will kill the boredom that you are all experiencing. You can play cards or talk something funny. Almost anything that will make the waiting worth it.

  • Safety

According to study, crime mostly happens to those who are alone because it shows vulnerability. In other words, those who are alone are prone to crimes such as theft and murder. But who will try to hurt you if are too many because of your friends? That makes you safe right? Friends will make you safe on your travel literally. They will also stop you if you try to do stupid things that will hurt yourself.

  • Extra pair of hands

Carrying lots of luggage is just a normal scenario to any traveler. But traveling with your friends gives a lot of extra pair of hands. You can always rely on them if you are already tired carrying your things.

  • Happy memories

Sharing happy memories with your close friends is really great. Life is all about counting happy moments or memories and remembering these are very satisfying. It will always make you smile even it’s just memories because you have your friends whom you shared it with. Always remember, memories last forever so start creating one now with the people that are closed to you.

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