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10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The Philippines

12/02/2016 • Adelina Goles

Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7,000+ islands depending on the level of the tide. So, it’s just normal that it has a lot of beaches. The amazing thing about its beaches is that most of them are considered to be tourist spots. These tourist spots can amaze anyone who can see it even just on pictures, how much more on those who sees it personally? Those who came from these beaches in the Philippines never have even a slight negative comment. All they can say was their spectacular journey and beautiful experiences while visiting these spots. Finish reading “10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The Philippines

10 Best Dishes In The Philippines

11/25/2016 • Adelina Goles

Traveling to the Philippines means you want to look at its beautiful sceneries, be friends with the local people and especially, have a lot of fun. That’s what every traveler is expecting before going to this amazing country. But if you are already there, don’t ever miss to try many of their local delicacies also. Because you can only feel the true Filipino experience when you taste every local delicacy they have. Some of these may look unpleasant and unique but trust me that these local delicacies are very delicious. Finish reading “10 Best Dishes In The Philippines

Don’ts When Travelling To Philippines

11/18/2016 • Adelina Goles

We are through discussing about the things that you should do when you are in the Philippines. This post is just the continuation with that but just the opposite. These are now the things that you shouldn’t do on this country to avoid unwanted problems and situations. Just get familiar with these and I am very sure that you trip will end up like what you expected. The fun that you will experience will be incomparable. Finish reading “Don’ts When Travelling To Philippines

Do’s When Traveling To Philippines

11/11/2016 • Adelina Goles

On our previous posts about the Philippines we tackled about the best places there that you can visit and some of the important tips you must know before going. Now on this post, we will continue our discussion about this country by listing the do’s when you are already there. You can consider this list as your guide to avoid problems and definitely enjoy your stay in a beautiful country like Philippines. Finish reading “Do’s When Traveling To Philippines

Philippines – Travel Tips

11/04/2016 • Adelina Goles

Traveling to the Philippines is like going to a place full of different paradises. There are paradises that can be found on mountain tops and there are also some that can be found on the areas near the shore. This country has a lot of surprises that can be offered to every traveler who wants to have some fun and excitements in life. Finish reading “Philippines – Travel Tips

10 Best Tourist Destinations In The Philippines

10/28/2016 • Adelina Goles

The Philippines is an archipelago having more than 7,000 islands. The exact number of islands depends on the tide because some of these are cannot be seen during high tides. This country is very rich with different natural resources and spectacular tourist spots. In fact in 2013, almost 8% of the Philippine GDP comes from travel and tourism. In 2015 alone, there are more than 5 million foreign tourists visited this wonderful country. A pure proof that tourism is already part of their economy. Finish reading “10 Best Tourist Destinations In The Philippines

7 Food Safety Tips When Traveling

10/21/2016 • Adelina Goles

Many people love to travel because of the local delicacies that they are aiming to eat in that certain place. Some of them would say that they really loved a certain place not just because of the beautiful sceneries it offers or the friendly people they have but especially because of the local foods that they offer. Eating new type of foods is like doing something out of your comfort zone. Some local delicacies may taste bad at first because of the reason that you are still not used it but you will surely like it once you already ate a lot. Taste buds sometimes take a little time to thoroughly distinguish the taste of a certain food. Finish reading “7 Food Safety Tips When Traveling

Disadvantages Of Traveling Solo

10/14/2016 • Adelina Goles

If we come to think of it, you can learn a lot if you will be traveling solo. There are many people who are dreaming to travel just by themselves because they find it very exciting. Some are saying that traveling alone is their way of knowing their self more or in the other words it sometimes refers to “soul searching”. Honestly, there’s nothing bad in knowing yourself more as this can help you improve as a person but there are also disadvantages on traveling alone that you should really know. Finish reading “Disadvantages Of Traveling Solo

5 Important Don’ts When Traveling As A Couple

10/07/2016 • Adelina Goles

There is a saying “the couple who travels together, stay together”. This is really true if your trip with your partner is well planned and ends up great, but if not? Maybe you’ll both end up carrying problems with you as you both go back to reality and you don’t want that to happen. If you have traveled together before, then maybe you can relate to what I am saying. However, this article is for those 1st time couple travelers who want their trip to be great and successful. Finish reading “5 Important Don’ts When Traveling As A Couple

10 Group Travel Tips

09/30/2016 • Adelina Goles

Group travel can be more exciting and fun than traveling solo but it’s very prone to problems even still on the planning stage. Planning a group travel is such a headache especially to the one being assigned as the planner. From planning the big aspects to the smallest details of your journey, it’s really very tiring and frustrating sometimes particularly when other members of the group are not cooperating. Though this is already considered as a fact, there are some steps that you can follow to avoid these scenarios. Finish reading “10 Group Travel Tips