7 Food Safety Tips When Traveling

Many people love to travel because of the local delicacies that they are aiming to eat in that certain place. Some of them would say that they really loved a certain place not just because of the beautiful sceneries it offers or the friendly people they have but especially because of the local foods that they offer. Eating new type of foods is like doing something out of your comfort zone. Some local delicacies may taste bad at first because of the reason that you are still not used it but you will surely like it once you already ate a lot. Taste buds sometimes take a little time to thoroughly distinguish the taste of a certain food.

Though eating delicious local foods can be a great experience to any traveler, still you should always be picky on what you eat and drink on your trip to avoid some diseases. Below are some of the tips that you should always put on your mind when you’re going to eat or drink during your trip.

  • Choose carefully the one serving the food.

You should always avoid food stalls or establishments that doesn’t comply proper ways of handling the foods. These establishments are so easy to spot because most of them have dirty areas and do not wear proper food handling attires. Most of their workers also don’t observe proper hygiene. Always avoid these kinds of food seller.

  • Avoid raw foods.

Raw foods are more prone to bacteria so it is not recommended for you to eat during your trip. Mostly these foods are also being processed through washing only and the water being used is just tap water. So eating it would be too risky unless you are the one who made it that you can be sure of its quality.

  • Always avoid drinking tap water.

Tap water is not really safe to drink because you didn’t know where it came from or how it was transported. Just drink bottle drinks that are stored in a proper temperature. Also avoid putting ice on your drinks as the water that was used to make it usually came from tap water. You can only consume tap water if you boiled it first to kill the bacteria on it.

  • Wash or peel the fruits you will eat.

Fresh fruits that you will buy from roadside stalls mostly contain dirt and bacteria so you should wash or peel them thoroughly first before you eat them. Only use bottled water to wash it or if you don’t have water, better buy those fruits that requires to be peeled first before eating like banana, orange, mango and etc.

  • Have your meals on crowded eateries.

A crowded eatery is an obvious sign that they are serving clean and delicious foods to their customer. So as you travel, better choose these kind of restaurants so that you can be sure that they will serve you a well processed food.

  • Wash your hands before eating.

This is a general rule to avoid bacteria from your hands contaminate the food you will eat. Be sure to bring a sanitizer that you can use if ever you are on an area where there is no water.

  • Eat hot foods hot, cold or frozen foods cold

Never let your hot food becomes cold if you will eat it. Same with frozen or cold foods for you to avoid bacteria from spreading on it. Bacteria cannot dwell on some certain temperatures that is why some foods are being processed by meeting the temperature requirement to eliminate these bacteria. However, eating them on temperature lesser to the standard makes them more prone to bacteria that might possibly hurt your system.

Disadvantages Of Traveling Solo

If we come to think of it, you can learn a lot if you will be traveling solo. There are many people who are dreaming to travel just by themselves because they find it very exciting. Some are saying that traveling alone is their way of knowing their self more or in the other words it sometimes refers to “soul searching”. Honestly, there’s nothing bad in knowing yourself more as this can help you improve as a person but there are also disadvantages on traveling alone that you should really know.

These disadvantages are all listed below:

  1. Safety

The first disadvantage with traveling solo is that you are very prone to crimes or evil acts by bad people. According to surveys, crimes usually happen to those who are alone because they seem very vulnerable to the eyes of bad people. But if you are traveling with friends, it lets you have someone who will protect you if something bad happens. The other safety concern is your health. What if you’ll get sick during you vacation? Who will take care of you if you are alone?

  1. You don’t have someone closed to talk to

This will be the second problem when traveling alone. You don’t have someone to talk to. Though traveling lets you meet different people and sometimes make friends with them, they can’t be a substitute to a person you fully know and vice versa. Talking to someone who can easily relate to you is really fun but this fun will never happen when taking a vacation just by yourself.

  1. More expensive travel cost

Of course, you have to pay all the necessary expenses in full even it can be divided between people so it will really be more costly than traveling with friends. Some of the expenses that may be divided between you and your friends only if you are traveling with them are: taxi fare, car rentals, accommodation and many more.

  1. There are situations that need friends

Even if you will avoid all situations on your vacation that you will need someone, there are still some that will really be awkward if you do it alone. Would you laugh aloud while you are alone even if the situation tells you to? Maybe those who will see you will find it a little bit odd or much worse they might think you are crazy. That’s one of the many situations I am referring to.

  1. Do it all by yourself

The worst disadvantage of being alone in your vacation is to do it all alone also. Need a hand? Do you need help with a certain problem? Are you lost? Sadly, you have to solve it all by yourself. That’s the situation you would like to avoid. Your vacation will be a complete disaster if you end up like that. So if you will decide to travel alone, be sure that you can do it all alone also. Be sure that you can handle all the possible obstacles on your trip just by yourself.

5 Important Don’ts When Traveling As A Couple

There is a saying “the couple who travels together, stay together”. This is really true if your trip with your partner is well planned and ends up great, but if not? Maybe you’ll both end up carrying problems with you as you both go back to reality and you don’t want that to happen. If you have traveled together before, then maybe you can relate to what I am saying. However, this article is for those 1st time couple travelers who want their trip to be great and successful.

Below are a few don’ts that you and your partner should avoid just to be sure that you will have a romantic trip:

  1. Do not spend your whole vacation together.

Yes, you are traveling as a couple but you don’t have to spend the whole time together. You both also need a “me time”. Even if your trip is just one week or 3days, it doesn’t matter. A couple of hours being alone is just enough. Do what you both want to do on your own.

  1. Don’t expect that it will be romantic all the time.

Traveling can give you and your partner some romantic times but it’s not just about that all the time. Like a normal journey that you might experience traffics, delayed flights, bad accommodation, and etc, you can be experiencing those also with your partner. It’s part of the reality that you should expect all the time so that your romantic imaginations will not affect the reality of your travel.

  1. Do not fight because of money.

Fighting about money is the 1st thing you will both do if you want to end up your relationship in an instant during your travel. Money problem is too big for you to talk when you’re on vacation and this might lead to more serious problems and can really make your travel a complete disaster. Before you go on a trip, sort out all the things related to money with your partner. Discuss your budgets and how much your expenses will be. Do this to prevent arguing about money during your trip.

  1. Do not separate yourselves.

The common problem when you are traveling with someone is that sometimes you forget the true purpose why you are doing it. Instead of interacting with the locals, you sometimes end up talking with your partner the whole time. Never do this. Be sure to connect with the local people and discover what more they can offer to you. I am very sure that the magazines you have read about that place are still lacking more information about them.

  1. Do not limit yourselves.

Traveling with someone you love is so rare to happen so make the most out of it. Do what you both want to do. Be happy and experience everything that place is offering even if it’s bungee or cliff jumping. Don’t forget the purpose why you are traveling and that is to experience something new together. Get out of your comfort zones.

10 Group Travel Tips

Group travel can be more exciting and fun than traveling solo but it’s very prone to problems even still on the planning stage. Planning a group travel is such a headache especially to the one being assigned as the planner. From planning the big aspects to the smallest details of your journey, it’s really very tiring and frustrating sometimes particularly when other members of the group are not cooperating. Though this is already considered as a fact, there are some steps that you can follow to avoid these scenarios.

If you want your upcoming group travel to be a success, then follow these simple steps we have prepared below.

  1. Choose your companions wisely.

Maybe you are thinking a lot of things when on the travel planning stage but the first thing you should consider is who will be your companions. The people whom you will be spending your trip with are very vital for that said journey. The success of your travel depends on them so frankly speaking, choose the people whom you are closed and comfortable with.

  1. Create a social media group for updates.

Creating a social media group serves as a virtual meeting area of all the members of the group because always having a meeting literally is just a waste of time for all of you. A social media group will all help you gain knowledge about the recent updates of your travel planning at your comfort. This will prevent any miscommunications before the travel period between members.

  1. Share your expectations.

Sharing of ideas will be very helpful on creating a travel plan. It will help you decide where you all want to go. Discuss if there are some differences and think a better way to solve it without ruining the goal of all your buddies.

  1. Don’t plan something unrealistic.

Never ever include in your planning the activities that are unrealistic or difficult to happen. All the scheduled activities should coincide to the place and time of your journey.

  1. Designate a trip leader.

Designating a trip leader will help make your travel more organize. All the needs of the members should be address to the leader so that he/she will be the one that will decide or discuss it with the other members. Choose a wise leader so that you can all make sure that he knows what he is doing. But the leader shouldn’t decide on all the decisions for the trip. This kind of matter should still be discussed within the group.

  1. Choose a proper destination.

Like choosing the travel companions, choose a proper destination also that will be suitable to all your buddies. Discuss it thoroughly with them and choose a place that you all like. Consider also the budget of everybody when choosing the place because maybe not all the members can afford to travel on that place.

  1. Discuss your budget.

You already know where you are going to so the next will be discussing the budget needed. Discuss all the aspects of expenses during the travel even on the tiniest details like the fair. As much as possible, consider the budget of the majority. Don’t force the group if the majority cannot afford this or that. Make it as balance as possible to avoid more problems. You can also make an advance liquidation of all the expenses on the said trip as early as you can so that there will be no shortage when it comes to money.

  1. Research

Research on all the aspects of your trip like the location, people, food and etc.

  1. Update everyone.

You now have the plan for the trip so the next thing will be to update all the members about it. Make sure they know all the details about it. If you have some special assignments to them then tell them as early as possible. Let them prepare the necessary things needed.

  1. Prepare all the necessary documents.

Prepare the passports, insurances and etc that are needed for the trip. It should be checked early to avoid problems during the departure time. If there are some papers that need to be processed then have it processed immediately.

How To Travel With Friends

Traveling with someone reveals the real personality of each other while on the road even if it is your best friend or best friends. I bet that you still don’t know many of the likes and dislikes of your friends. That’s the best thing when you travel together, you would make a stronger bond because of the things you open up with each other. You let them know what person you really are. But that is the case only if you get along. If not? You’re planned travel will really be a disaster. We made this article for you to know what the necessary preparations are before you travel with your friends so that it will be a great experience to all. Please continue reading below.

  1. Pick the right friends.

Maybe it’s true that “the more, the merrier” but it’s certainly untrue when going on a trip. Just choose which friends you are most comfortable with. These are the friends that will take a cookie from you but you won’t be mad. The friends whom you can draw cartoon characters on their face while they are asleep. Because having this kind of awesome friends on your trip will be great. You will be assured that it will be an awesome experience even having some unexpected events with your journey.

  1. Discuss expectations.

Discuss what each of you is expecting to happen during your trip. Discuss all the things what each of you would like to do on this time. List all these activities in a paper. After you are all done, discuss which the same activities you all prefer to do. Do this or that. Traveling with friends means doing all the things that you all like.

  1. Consider the budget of each.

Traveling with friends doesn’t mean your budget will be the same because you all have different source of incomes and also have different day-to-day expenses. So before you take your journey together, discuss the budget of each one of you. Your budget and the expenses during the travel period should correlate to avoid shortage that will affect all of you.

  1. Divide and conquer.

Even if you are traveling together, each one of you have another place where he/she wants to visit. It’s just normal. Each of you can go to different destinations but you should all agree to the duration and have a meeting place after that. The purpose of your travel is to be happy and if you all like to have a time on your own, then do it. It’s also a great way to cover more grounds especially when the days of travel are not that flexible.

  1. Have a trip leader.

Nominate a trusted team leader that will facilitate and possibly be a referee if there is a fight or misunderstanding between some of you. This can make your travel be in rhythm because you will have someone that you all respect with.

Why You Should Travel With Your Friends

Though traveling alone can be fun and exciting, still we cannot compare the fun we will have when we will travel with our friends. Maybe this is because some of us already considered our friends as a family. The closeness we have with them is incomparable and makes our travel more interesting. Not just that because there are a lot of other reasons why we should have a trip together with our friends. If you want to know more reasons why, just continue reading below.

  • Save on expenses.

This is the most common reason why many travelers prefer group trip than doing it solo. One good example is the cab fair or other public vehicles that is paid per meter or perhaps requires to be rented. When you are traveling solo, you will be paying the whole amount just by yourself unlike if you will be traveling with your friends that you will be dividing the fees equally. All necessary travel fees will become cheaper if you have friends thus letting you save money for other expenses.

  • No solo moments

In spite of the fact that traveling is really fun, there are also boring ones that any travelers will face like waiting for the cab or plane, falling in line, sitting on the plane and etc. These moments are really boring that sometimes you will just fall asleep. But having friends that will accompany you will eliminate these moments because you can do some simple recreational activities that will kill the boredom that you are all experiencing. You can play cards or talk something funny. Almost anything that will make the waiting worth it.

  • Safety

According to study, crime mostly happens to those who are alone because it shows vulnerability. In other words, those who are alone are prone to crimes such as theft and murder. But who will try to hurt you if are too many because of your friends? That makes you safe right? Friends will make you safe on your travel literally. They will also stop you if you try to do stupid things that will hurt yourself.

  • Extra pair of hands

Carrying lots of luggage is just a normal scenario to any traveler. But traveling with your friends gives a lot of extra pair of hands. You can always rely on them if you are already tired carrying your things.

  • Happy memories

Sharing happy memories with your close friends is really great. Life is all about counting happy moments or memories and remembering these are very satisfying. It will always make you smile even it’s just memories because you have your friends whom you shared it with. Always remember, memories last forever so start creating one now with the people that are closed to you.

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